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Sentiment Analysis
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Juxtapositions for Inc
Education Vision
Branson Best Read Guide Globe Press Release Form
Juxtapositions for Inc:

Historic (2004-11-01 to 2009-07-12)
Rank Entity Name Count Score Coref./Ref.
1 Fox 256600 1960395.8
2 Suburban 17880 196649.0
3 Education Vision 17011 189956.8
4 Branson Best Read Guide Globe Press Release Form 17011 189902.4
5 MORE 18310 149850.3
6 Copyright 12860 128531.2
7 Submit 8700 98450.4
8 PCN 5890 56753.9
9 AAPL.O 2850 44113.4
10 IBD SLIM 2720 34414.3
11 CAN SLIM 2720 34268.9
12 WOFL FOX 3320 34232.1
13 Business Daily 2780 33637.8
14 Macy 2265 32540.1
15 Investor 2810 32400.2
365 days (2008-07-12 to 2009-07-12)
Rank Entity Name Count Score Coref./Ref.
1 Fox 77620 577664.1
2 Education Vision 17011 167051.6
3 Branson Best Read Guide Globe Press Release Form 17011 166997.2
4 MORE 17320 119696.0
5 Suburban 1970 22999.0
6 Submit 1550 18027.9
7 WOFL FOX 1180 11679.0
8 U.S. 1112 10773.6
9 Steve Jobs 778 10345.2
10 Internet 756 9101.1
11 Macy 615 8725.6
12 Bath 623 8519.9
13 United States 595 7251.5
14 AKC 731 7195.3
15 Investor Contact 410 6929.3
30 days (2009-06-12 to 2009-07-12)
Rank Entity Name Count Score Coref./Ref.
1 Branson Best Read Guide Globe Press Release Form 2620 24290.0
2 Education Vision 2620 24290.0
3 MORE 2590 17004.0
4 Steve Jobs 450 4938.5
5 Bath 250 3655.2
6 Internet 200 2579.2
7 Android 140 2009.1
8 Microsoft 150 1907.1
9 Google 140 1758.8
10 Lennar Corp. 110 1725.7
11 Wall Street 120 1706.0
12 John Neuffer 90 1536.7
13 Hewlett-Packard Co. 90 1474.3
14 Information Technology Industry Council 90 1474.3
15 Dell 90 1469.4
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Reference Share by Type News vs. Business vs. Entertainment vs. Sports vs. Other
Sentiment Analysis for Inc:

Polarity Ranks vs. Subjectivity Ranks
Positive Raw Counts vs. Negative Raw Counts (log|linear)
Where is Inc HOT?:

Relational Network:

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