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Relational Network
Reference Time Series
References Per Million vs. Moving Average
News Sector Distribution
Reference Share by Type News vs. Business vs. Entertainment vs. Sports vs. Other
Sentiment Analysis
Polarity Ranks vs. Subjectivity Ranks
Juxtapositions for News Corp
Rupert Murdoch
Dow Jones
Wall Street Journal
Juxtapositions for News Corp:

Historic (2004-11-01 to 2009-06-02)
Rank Entity Name Count Score Coref./Ref.
1 Fox 10298 129248.7
2 Rupert Murdoch 9201 115508.9
3 MySpace 4496 59914.0
4 Dow Jones 2684 34863.8
5 Wall Street Journal 2387 31212.7
6 Murdoch 2171 28932.9
7 Fairfax 1741 25144.3
8 NWSa.N 1540 24296.4
9 Network TV 1327 21765.4
10 Microsoft 1640 21664.7
11 Century Fox 1382 20845.0
12 Yahoo Yahoo 1440 19123.0
13 Yahoo 1360 19017.5
14 Fox News Channel 1130 18024.9
15 US 1302 14534.0
365 days (2008-06-02 to 2009-06-02)
Rank Entity Name Count Score Coref./Ref.
1 Fox 4838 59887.1
2 Rupert Murdoch 1541 20980.6
3 Network TV 1297 19638.3
4 MySpace 986 13238.6
5 Fox News Channel 620 9639.2
6 Century Fox 432 6402.1
7 Wall Street Journal 407 5902.6
8 Time Warner Inc. 311 5416.2
9 Fairfax 331 5362.7
10 Fox News 340 5063.6
11 Murdoch 351 4754.9
12 CNN 280 4558.9
13 Microsoft 300 4509.7
14 General Electric Co. 230 4158.8
15 Walt Disney Co. 221 3766.3
30 days (2009-05-03 to 2009-06-02)
Rank Entity Name Count Score Coref./Ref.
1 Fox 820 9851.8
2 Century Fox 100 1447.2
3 Network TV 90 1392.6
4 Rupert Murdoch 100 1330.8
5 Murdoch 100 1200.9
6 Jonathan Miller 70 1101.0
7 United States 110 1079.3
8 DirecTV 80 1038.4
9 Google 70 1032.0
10 Michael J. Fox 50 739.3
11 MySpace 50 611.9
12 Twentieth Century Fox 40 593.4
13 AEST 40 488.9
14 `` Night at the Museum : Battle of the Smithsonian '' 30 453.7
15 Fairfax 20 372.4
Popularity Time Series:

References Per Million vs. Moving Average (log|linear)

Reference Share by Type News vs. Business vs. Entertainment vs. Sports vs. Other
Sentiment Analysis for News Corp:

Polarity Ranks vs. Subjectivity Ranks
Positive Raw Counts vs. Negative Raw Counts (log|linear)
Relational Network:

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