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Juxtapositions for New York
New Jersey
Washington, DC
Los Angeles, CA
Chicago, IL
London, GBR
Boston, MA
Juxtapositions for New York:

Historic (2004-11-01 to 2010-02-16)
Rank Entity Name Count Score Coref./Ref.
1 New Jersey 243338 1001622.2
2 Washington, DC 279909 862105.0
3 Los Angeles, CA 224497 823311.3
4 Chicago, IL 198933 708935.2
5 London, GBR 170539 697967.5
6 Boston, MA 173468 685917.3
7 NY 117074 650890.1
8 California 198982 648040.6
9 Pennsylvania 138616 588752.1
10 Connecticut 108030 488829.8
11 Philadelphia, PA 115521 479304.1
12 Paris, FRA 92680 465911.1
13 Florida 133715 446318.4
14 San Francisco, CA 105205 435394.4
15 Massachusetts 98163 432539.3
365 days (2009-02-16 to 2010-02-16)
Rank Entity Name Count Score Coref./Ref.
1 London, GBR 54339 277193.2
2 New Jersey 49320 254163.7
3 Washington, DC 61025 233734.2
4 Paris, FRA 35312 226836.7
5 Los Angeles, CA 49723 223747.8
6 Milan 26564 217453.0
7 Wear Daily 23573 216690.7
8 WWD.com 23512 201459.7
9 Chicago, IL 40280 181507.9
10 California 43236 174342.1
11 Boston, MA 34322 163829.3
12 Pennsylvania 30067 153241.0
13 Texas 27730 123997.4
14 Associated Press 33900 120381.3
15 Florida 28621 118728.5
30 days (2010-01-17 to 2010-02-16)
Rank Entity Name Count Score Coref./Ref.
1 London, GBR 3470 25074.7
2 Paris, FRA 2410 19596.6
3 Milan 2190 18198.2
4 Wear Daily 2020 17043.3
5 WWD.com 2020 15637.5
6 Washington, DC 2040 12811.0
7 Los Angeles, CA 1650 11726.8
8 New Jersey 1630 11641.2
9 California 1540 10463.7
10 Haiti 1350 7637.6
11 Pennsylvania 1000 7203.2
12 U.S. 1160 6984.6
13 Associated Press 1150 6824.9
14 Philadelphia, PA 740 6170.1
15 Connecticut 720 5809.4
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Reference Share by Type News vs. Business vs. Entertainment vs. Sports vs. Other
Sentiment Analysis for New York:

Polarity Ranks vs. Subjectivity Ranks
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Where is New York HOT?:

Relational Network:

Also known as: WITH NEW York, WHERE New York, WHEN New York, WHEN NEW YORK, WAS New York, USA New York, USA NEW YORK, TO New York, THe New York, THIS IS NEW YORK, THE New York, THE NEW-YORK, THE NEW YORK, THAT New York, OR NEW YORK, ON NEW YORK, OF New York, OF NEW YORK, Newyork, NewYork., NewYork & Co, NewYork, New-york, New-York, New York__, New York_, New York=, New York:......, New York._ From, New York............................., New York.........................., New York........................., New York........................, New York......................., New York....................., New York...............(, New York..............., New York.............., New York............, New York..........., New York.........., New York........., New York........ That, New York........, New York......., New York......, New York.+, New York., New York+, New York!!!!.., New York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, New York!!!!!!!, New York!!!!!!, New York With, New York Will, New York Who, New York Where, New York When, New York What, New York Was, New York WILL, New York WHEN, New York WHAT, New York WAS, New York To, New York This, New York The, New York That, New York Or LA, New York Or, New York On, New York Of, New York OR, New York ON, New York OF, New York Ltd., New York Ltd, New York Llc, New York LLC, New York LA, New York It, New York Is Where, New York Is, New York Inc., New York In, New York IT, New York IS, New York IN, New York How, New York From, New York For, New York Corporation, New York Corp., New York Corp, New York Co., New York Co, New York By, New York Be, New York At, New York As, New York Are, New York An, New York ARE, New York , Ltd., New York , LLC., New York , LLC, New York , Inc., New York , Co, New York ,, New York & Co., New York & Co Co, New York & Co, New York & &, New York, New YorK., New YorK, New YOrk, New YORK, NeW York, NeW YOrk, NeW YORK, NEw York, NEw YORK, NEWYORK, NEW-YORK, NEW York An, NEW York, NEW YorK, NEW YORk, NEW YORK_ The, NEW YORK_ It, NEW YORK=, NEW YORK......, NEW YORK., NEW YORK!!!!!!!, NEW YORK With, NEW YORK Will, NEW YORK Who, NEW YORK Where, NEW YORK When, NEW YORK What, NEW YORK Was, NEW YORK WILL, NEW YORK WHAT, NEW YORK To, NEW YORK This, NEW YORK The Who, NEW YORK The Co., NEW YORK The, NEW YORK That, NEW YORK On The, NEW YORK On, NEW YORK Of, NEW YORK La, NEW YORK It, NEW YORK Is, NEW YORK Inc., NEW YORK In, NEW YORK IS, NEW YORK IN THE, NEW YORK How, NEW YORK From, NEW YORK For, NEW YORK FOR THE, NEW YORK By, NEW YORK Be, NEW YORK At, NEW YORK As, NEW YORK Are, NEW YORK An, NEW YORK AS IT IS, NEW YORK AS, NEW YORK & CO, NEW YORK, NEW YO-RK, N.ew York, N-ew Y-ork, N-e-w Y-o-r-k., N-e-w Y-o-r-k, In New York, IS New York, IN NEWYORK, FROM New York, FROM NEW YORK, FOR New York, AT THE New York, AT New York, AT NEW YORK, AS THE New York, AS New York, AS NEW York, AS NEW YORK, ARE THE NEW YORK, ARE New York.
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